Management Team

Jonathan Brooks


Mr. Brooks learned about the data business from the ground up, beginning his career working within the TransUnion business unit of Acxiom Corporation. His duties included consulting for TransUnion products and services. This experience provided Jonathan with a very solid education in data processing, data mining and in finding his customers unique and cost-effective solutions.

With his ambitious desire to provide a more complete solution for direct marketing customers, Jonathan established TriaxData in 1997. As a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, it was his desire to build a business that was both a successful enterprise and an opportunity to contribute to his home community.

As a principle, Jonathan's vision for TriaxData is to provide customers solutions to their marketing challenges that are not limited to delivering list data. Consistent with this vision, he has assembled a staff at TriaxData capable of delivering comprehensive solutions that include, but are not limited to, concept development, creative design, brand development, printing, mail fulfillment and, of course, access to extensive sources of data.

In addition to his company duties, Jonathan is involved in a number of projects in the areas of child protection and internet crimes. Jonathan has served or serves on such boards as The Legacy Parks Board, Business Advisory Council for the State of Tennessee, Supervisory Committee for Enrichment Federal, DMA Retail Marketing Council and is currently the Chairman of the Board for A Certain Sound.